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First Day of School

Welcome Eagle  group students and Teachers
Boy green shirt
Green and Blue Stripes
girl with pink shirt
boy with blue shirt
two girls
welcome back eagles sign with kids and teachers
two boys in blue
students walking down the hall in a line
two boys entering building
girl in gray
girl and boy entering on red carpet
boy and girl entering school
two girls entering school
two boys entering with a box
soaring into 2020 with boy, girl and teacher
boy and girl entering
two boys with two adults
two girls
boy with blue shirt
two boys
three boys in the hall
two girl and two boys with prinicpal
three students in front of the school office
welcome back teachers
child with parent
group of children entering
girl in red shirt
PTO and child
boy with backpack
boy in red shirt
boy getting off bus
teacher and girl
boy and girl
children unloading buses
four girls going to school
three children going to school
girl with principal
four students in the hall
girl with teacher
girl with bow
family of children